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Applicant platform and efficient applicant management in one solution

Well-trained employees are increasingly difficult to find in times of skilled labor and demographic change. Only those who present themselves as attractive employers have a chance to get the best applicants. And these are challenging as regards the application process. You ask yourself: When is the first confirmation of my application? How is communication in the application process? What is the feedback at the end of the procedure?

The applicant management module provides an overview of all applicants, lets you communicate with them transparently and filters them through the assessment center. Including control and documentation of all processes.

Efficient vacancy management

Create, publish, and manage your vacancies. You can see open and occupied positions, so you always have an overview of your personnel requirements.

Make applications simple

Make the formal application process as easy and clear as possible for applicants. In a few, partially automated steps, the applicants can provide you with all the necessary documents.

Select suitable applicants

The most suitable applicants can be selected in a timely manner: via assessment questions and target / actual comparisons of your job descriptions with the abilities of the candidates.

The core functions at a glance

The Applicant Management module simplifies your processes for recruiting and personnel planning

Vacancy Portal

Our job portal can be completely integrated into your existing website. Applications are simple.

Multiposting in job portals

You can publish vacancies in more than 100 job portals - centrally from our system and with the help of our partners. This saves you a lot of time and gives you an overview about where vacancies have been published.

Recruitment analysis

Do you actually know which channels will reach you the most or the best candidates? Our analysis function for personnel procurement allows you to optimize your recruiting and avoid unnecessary costs.


You keep interesting candidates in mind, for which you do not currently have a suitable job vacancy. As soon as possible, you will find suitable candidates in your talent pool.


Let your applicants first participate in a scientifically based online assessment. This helps with your pre-selection, saves unnecessary invitations and conversations.

Applicants reviews & ratings

You can evaluate each candidate, for example by a star ranking. This allows you to identify and classify the best candidates quickly.

Applicants Communication

You can communicate with applicants both individually and automatically. Through the complete history, you know which employees had contact with which applicant and what was communicated.

Candidates search

You can easily filter the best candidates for your job vacancies without having to look through hundreds of profiles. Our search algorithm takes you a great deal of this work.

Manage paper applications

Individual applications are still in paper form. These can be integrated into our system with little effort. It is fully automated by the "CV-Parser" of our partners.

The Applicant Management module offers much more!                 

Upon request, we will provide you with a detailed overview of all the functions of the module. Contact us!

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