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The TUTORize Talent Development Suite

Increases the effectiveness in your company

The TUTORize Talent Development Suite provides a complete and flexible HR software solution. It is easy to use after a brief introduction.

The four modules of the suite ensure that appropriate employees and knowledge are available in the company when they are needed. They can also be used individually for Learningmanagement, Talentmanagement module and Knowledgemanagement.

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The learning management module forms the education process in the company. It enables e-learning and blended learning and includes a seminar management. In this way, learners can be controlled and measured and can be certified efficiently. The module gets the best out of training budgets, saves planning and implementation time.

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With the Talent Management module, companies can keep an eye on their personnel requirements and recognize the gaps that will soon be filled. It helps to identify the talents, potentials and abilities of employees. This allows the necessary specialist staff to be found and optimized. It takes into account the results of employee interviews and helps in planning the next career steps.

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The module Knowledge Management ensures that existing knowledge is found. This makes processes in the organization faster. Employees can document and reuse know-how collaboratively. Nothing is lost or has to be worked out several times. If the information you are looking for is not yet recorded, you can work out and document it together.

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HR processes become easier

The modules of the TUTORize Talent Development Suite complement one another:

The basis of the TUTORize Talent Development Suite is the Learning Management module.This is how you design, manage and publish training content such as e-learning, classic seminars or complete blended learning units. Current and future needs for further training can be identified by a link with the data of the Talentmanagement module. Diese Module unterstütztn Sie darin, die Talente Ihrer eigenen Mitarbeiter zu identifizieren, weiterzuentwickeln, zu schulen und im Unternehmen optimal einzusetzen. Wenn Ihnen für anstehende Aufgaben interne Ressourcen fehlen, unterstützt Sie das Talentmanagement bei der Identifizierung von passendem Personal. Das System kennt die Stärken und Potentiale Ihrer Mitarbeiter. Es identifiziert schnell und zuverlässig passende Experten mit Fachwissen. So können Sie durch Einsatz unserer Software mit Hilfe des Moduls Knowledge Management module to apply, retain, and use existing knowledge in the company.

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