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In the interest of our customers we cooperate closely with many partners from the ed-tech and education industry
Through long-term strategic partnerships, we are able to offer our customers not only high-end software products, but also custom-fit training content, consulting and project management services, and individually developed connections to existing IT systems.

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Contents and training partners


UNIVADO opens up completely new possibilities for employee training and management through training units that can be accessed online. Use our basic modules on the topics of data protection, IT & information security, law & compliance, and hygiene, which are immediately available as e-learning courses. We will either tailor your e-learning training courses to your company's needs or you can use proven UNIVADO basic modules that have been implemented by industry experts.

​In the case of individual solutions, we analyze the actual needs of your company and specialists from learning and teaching research then create training and coaching concepts that train and motivate your employees in an authentic, interactive and targeted manner.

​The topics: Data protection, IT & information security, law & compliance and hygiene.


PINKTUM is the leading provider of digital training media. With many different standard video trainings (WBVTs) on the competence areas of leadership, management, expertise, soft skills and health, PINKTUM offers the large media library of business knowledge.

PINKTUM also creates customized digital training media and training videos for companies.

The topics: Leadership and management, professional competence, soft skills, software and health.


Lecturio supports your company with smart course packages that provide you and your team with comprehensive and structured training.

Compliance Flat - With practical video training, you instruct your employees and managers quickly and cost-effectively in all relevant compliance and security rules.

Business Flat Smart and effective - online video training to develop your employees.

Klinikcampus - Lecturio's online courses finally make digital continuing education in healthcare compatible with the requirements of the complex daily routine in hospitals.


WEKA MEDIA GmbH & Co. KG is one of the most innovative media companies in Germany. As one of the leading providers of multimedia specialist information solutions, we offer a wide range of practical solutions for the daily work of our customers in the business-to-business and business-to-government sectors.

​Our product portfolio is aimed at specialists and executives in the fields of management, construction and technology.

MIT / BitMedia

Choose from over 350 courses on a variety of topics. Your desired content for targeted employee training, mandatory instruction, or voluntary training and qualification offerings. Our online courses are developed in close cooperation between technical and didactic experts and guarantee a sustainable and successful transfer of learning.

HERDT Verlag

Whether companies, public authorities, training service providers, educational institutions, adult education centers, schools and universities or trainers, teachers and private customers: All of them have been successfully learning and teaching with HERDT educational media for 30 years.

Topics: Windows, Office (2021, 2019,...), programming, image editing, web development, databases & Co.


SERVIEW is lived passion, exceptional competence and fearless pursuit of ever better performance. For over 20 years, the training and consulting company has been making continuing education an entertaining experience - in high-energy training courses, in management consulting and on all available channels (present, live online, hybrid & e-learning). This is how real knowledge gain and fun combine to create the ultimate training experience!

Topics: Service Management, Project Management, Agile

inw Bildungswerk Digital

With bildungswerk.digital, we create a modern learning environment with high-quality, didactically and methodologically sophisticated e-learning.

As a partner for small and medium-sized enterprises, we enable participation in digital learning together with other exclusive partners. In order to expand our offering and keep an eye on current trends, we are constantly exploring the e-learning market.

Together with our customers, the course catalog (e-learnings) is to be steadily expanded in the future and bildungswerk.digital is thus to be developed into an online academy by business for business.

ACEP eTraining

Digital training for aviation and all industries that want to learn from us.

​We put learners at the center of our training with the help of storylines. We actively involve you and thus maintain motivation even with complex topics. Practical examples and memorable contexts make our trainings memorable.

Sonic Performance

SONIC Performance Support is a leading provider of e-learning and performance support solutions. We proudly serve individuals, government agencies, schools and businesses of all sizes.

SONIC Performance Support offers high-quality video training, which is used by well-known domestic and foreign companies. In video-based training, you will have a personal coach who will explain and demonstrate the task at hand. You can pause the video, perform the task in the application and rewind it if you want to watch it again.

Consulting and Project Management Partner

Bergmann Consulting

Bergmann.Consulting: growing digital business - As an owner-managed agency, we accompany the digitization of companies by combining expertise in web and mobile technologies, business models and modern infrastructures.


Knowledge management as a driver for digitization in companies is unstoppable and our motivation. Currently, the topics of knowledge, learning and talent management exist only as isolated solutions. An accompanying consulting and/or academy for the creation of learning content is also searched for in vain. OrgaBrain changes all that!

Orgabrain enables companies to use all relevant topics in just one software solution.

OrgaBrain combines technical knowledge of digitization with knowledge of human resources and organizational development. As a hybrid solution, OrgaBrain therefore ensures the necessary transformation from classic knowledge management to a learning organization.

ML Consulting

ML is the leading full-service provider for individual training projects and targeted consulting. ML is ready for project-related support or as a permanent outsourcing partner. Nationally and internationally. On a small, large and largest scale.

The owner-managed company inspires more than 60,000 people per year in its trainings and ensures safe decisions with 6,000 consultant days per year. More than 350 permanent and freelance employees ensure optimal support, perfect organization and sustainable knowledge transfer in a variety of training forms.

With a broad range of topics, a high quality standard and a focus on individuality, ML has been a unique partner for industrial companies and public clients since 1989.


konzeptpower. is a consulting boutique for instructional design with more than 10 years of experience in training and design.

We empower experts to turn their ideas and content into effective online training. We're your sparring partner - working with you from initial brainstorming to delivery of a fully designed online course.

​Whether you want to outsource your entire training development, need fresh ideas, or want an expert opinion on the didactics and graphic design of your training - we got you!

Technology Partner

Bergmann Consulting

Bergmann.Consulting: growing digital business - As an owner-managed agency, we accompany the digitization of companies by combining expertise in web and mobile technologies, business models and modern infrastructures.


​SlidePresenter is the global first mover in on-demand training and communication. Through the simplicity of the SlidePresenter application, companies can empower all their employees to make knowledge easily, quickly and attractively available to other employees. And this completely independent of time, location and device.