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Competency management and human resource development in one solution

Integrated into the learning management, the focus in this module is on the skills of your employees

When the appropriate candidates have been brought on board in an application procedure, the next phase of personnel management begins: the promotion of employees. And employees who have developed further in their careers also want to make new competences available to the company.

Our talent management module is based on concepts for identifying and promoting the talents and abilities of employees. It takes into account the results of employee interviews and allows for the planning of next career steps. With the help of the module, you identify employees who have and can do what is needed in the company for upcoming tasks. In this way, you keep track of personnel planning and personnel requirements and recognize early on which gaps are to be filled.

Identify Skills

Do you know all the strengths and talents of your employees? Even the hidden? You should in order to be able to respond quickly to changes and customer needs. This is where our system starts.

Develop Skills

Employees do not want to be over- or under-demanded. They want to be able to develop constantly - and are happier this way. Our software supports this.

Utilize Skills

Anyone who knows the talents and strengths of employees can use them exactly according to their abilities. This applies to tasks as well as to the composition of your teams.

The core functions at a glance

The Talent Management module simplifies your processes for personnel development

Employee Profiles

You will always see all relevant information about the employee at a glance. A task history also facilitates the optimal deployment and a perfectly coordinated career planning.

Skill Management

Do you know the abilities of all employees? Skill management allows you to identify people who are best suited for a task. It also covers qualification gaps.

Appraisal Interviews

Planning, managing and carrying out employee interviews is a child's play with the Talent Management Module. Use appraisal interviews to identify moods and development potentials of your staff. So you tie up good forces in the long term to your company ..

Employee Feedback & Surveys

You collect and analyze feedback from employees - thus optimizing your processes and products. Use both single and group feedback, or conduct surveys to learn attitudes and moods in the workforce.

Jobs & Job Templates

You always keep an overview of occupied and vacant positions. This is how you recognize personnel requirements at an early stage. With the help of the "Employee search" function, you will find in the system, with one click, the most suitable employee for upcoming occupations.

Find the best Employees

You will find among your employees the ones that are best suited for open positions and vacancies. With just a few clicks you get a detailed ad.

Career Planning

You motivate employees through a transparent career planning and thus increase their commitment to the company. Our system makes the processes as simple as possible.

The Talent Management module offers much more!                 

Upon request, we will provide you with a detailed overview of all the functions of the module. Contact us!

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