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Measure and manage knowledge successfully

Knowledge management means that one consciously deals with knowledge in the company and uses it in a targeted way. Existing knowledge is centrally stored so that employees can use it.

The module Knowledge Management ensures that existing knowledge is found and reusable. This makes processes in the organization faster. Nothing is lost and nothing is unnecessarily redundant. If the required know-how is not yet available, this can be worked out and documented with the module.

Document Knowledge

You document the knowledge that is available to your employees. At the same time, you can create new knowledge collaboratively. Processes for assessing and releasing knowledge ensure quality and provide you with an overview.

Make Knowledge Discoverable

"Where did we document that?" If necessary, it is important for the employees to have access to knowledge without a long search. A full-text search in the system makes it possible to search all relevant documents, training courses and other sources quickly and time-saving for relevant information.

Use Knowledge Effectively

Does the left hand know what the right hand does? Avoid the fact that already existing knowledge is painstakingly reassembled or created in other departments. And only because of ignorance that this information already exists.

The core functions at a glance

Find out how our Knowledge Management module simplifies your processes


With knowledge elements such as articles or media data, employees document their own knowledge and the best solutions for daily challenges. This happens collaboratively. Extensive discussions can be held, questions asked and answers evaluated.

Knowledge Entries

Knowledge entries document expertise and established processes and make them available to all. A four-eye publishing principle ensures that they are correct. New knowledge entries can also be put together from existing content to save time. Accordingly, they do not have to be completely rewritten in each case.

Categories & Tags

To better find content later, you can assign and tag these categories. In addition, experts from the company can be selected, who ensure the quality of the content with their expertise.

Media pool

The media pool is used to store files in a structured and searchable way and make them available to employees.

Versioning & Release

The versioning feature lets you track changes to the content. This allows you to document processes audit-proof. An integrated release workflow ensures high quality content.

Search & Indexing

The integrated search engine finds stored knowledge quickly and reliably with a powerful semantic search. Employees receive suggestions and related topics when they search. Likewise, the search indexes existing files and makes them searchable. The search function also identifies employees with appropriate skills that can help solve a problem.


With the help of tasks, you ensure that employees duly and regularly document their knowledge. It is also possible to set deadlines and priorities and control the results.

Search statistics

You identify topics and search terms that are particularly important to your employees. The evaluations are individually configurable. This overview enables you to identify knowledge gaps and information needs and to reduce them by appropriate measures.


You identify topics and search terms that are particularly important to your employees. The evaluations are individually configurable. This overview enables you to identify knowledge gaps and information needs and to reduce them by appropriate measures.

The Knowledge Management Module offers much more!                 

Upon request, we will provide you with a detailed overview of all the functions of the module. Contact us!

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